How to create a performer contract (contract between you and your members)

Available with any of the following subscriptions:
✓ Ultimate

Performer contracts allows you to send a contract (or booking agreement) to your members assigned to an event.

Configuring the performer contract

  1. Navigate to the contract page (event settings -> contracts), turn on performer contracts and set the default contract template to be used for the performer contract (you may need to add a new template with your performer terms and conditions in).
  2. When you assign a musician to an event you have to option to hide the contract by changing the visibility.

That's it your musician will not be prompted to sign a contract on the Musician Portal.

You can override the contract template by typing your own contract text into the Contract Terms & Conditions field when a musician is assigned to an event (leaving this field blank will keep the in default template).

The Agreement

The agreement will display the following:

  • Your name
  • Your billing address
  • The musician's name
  • The musician's address
  • Performer terms and conditions
  • All event information (including personal message)
  • Total fee (inc. tax)

Once the contract is signed, both you and the musician will receive a PDF copy of the agreement via email. The PDF is also saved on Band Pencil.

You can reset the contract by removing the musician from the event. Remember, the contract agreement could still stand despite it being removed from Band Pencil.

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