How reports work in Band Pencil

Although we have confidence in the precision of our reports, it's important to ensure that the reports you generate in Band Pencil's are accurate by checking in an external software such as Excel.

Events report

View all your events in a single table, and easily filter them by selecting a specific date range. The table displays the Event Title, Band Name, Date of Performance, Event Status, Musician Costs, Sub Total (Fee + Extra Costs, excluding tax), Tax Total, Total Invoiced and Profit.

Revenue report

The revenue table allows you to see your monthly revenue breakdown. View the Month, Total Events (for the month), Sub Total Invoiced, Invoiced VAT Total, Total Invoiced, Sub Total of Event Costs, VAT Total of Event Costs, Total of Event Costs, Invoiced, Event Costs, Profit, Net VAT.

Please make sure you only select the start and end date of the month as this report is only able to report month by month and not on events between specific dates.


This report displays the amount you've paid your musicians. You can use the filters to sort the report by start and end dates, paid or unpaid invoices, and availability. You can view the musician's name, availability, invoice status, reporting time period, total events, sub total (including fee and extra costs excluding tax), tax total, and grand total (including tax).

Member Invoices

With this report, you can track the payments made to your musician. Whenever you add a musician to an event, a transaction is created to record the payment amount, as well as other details such as their availability. This table displays all the transactions (or musician invoices) with a total fee greater than 0, including Event Name, Musician Name, Submitted Date, Status, Completed Date, and Total Fee.

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