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Band Pencil not only allows you to track your teaching and gigs, but did you know with a simple click of a button Band Pencil can also help you create detailed, professional and useful reports? Yep, Band Pencil's Report Page is the central location to generate and download your reports. This way, when tax, or the end of the month comes around, all of your information is easily accessible!

All reports in Band Pencil can be exported into a PDF, CSV, Excel, Copied, or Printed.

We offer four different types of reports.

1. Events
See all your gigs in one table, you can even refine the table by searching between certain dates. View the Event Title, Band, Date, Event Status, Musician Costs, Deposit Total, Balance Total, Travel + Extras Total, Tax (if you include it), Total Invoiced & Profit.

2. Revenue
The revenue table allows you to see your monthly revenue. View the, Month, Total Events, Revenue (inc. Travel + Extra. Excluding tax), Musician Costs, Tax (if you include it) & Monthly Profit. This table is great for forecasting how much money you will make.

3. Musicians
Some times you need to report how you've paid your musicians. This is where this table come in handy! We list all the musicians show you how much you have/ are going to pay them. View Musician Name, Time Period of Reporting, Total Events, Extra Costs, Costs & Total Costs.

4. Teaching
This is your monthly revenue report for teaching. Within the teaching dashboard you can do much more detailed reporting, such as download all invoices and lessons. This table allows you to see how much you're making monthly. View Month, Total Lessons, Total Minutes & Revenue.

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02 Jan 2020

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