How to create and send contracts to clients in Band Pencil

To add a new contract to Band Pencil, you first need to add a contract template to your account before to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Contracts overview page. From this page you can see all active contracts and contract templates.
  2. Click Add Template located in the top right corner and enter a contract title and the contract body
  3. Click Add and the contract should now appear as a new contract template

Assigning a contract to your event

Once you have added a contract template to your account you can assign it to an event.

  1. Navigate to an event where you would like to add a contract
  2. Click the Contracts tab and click Create Contract
  3. Give your contract a reference name and select the template you would like to use
  4. Click Add Contract and the contract will now be assigned to the event

Editing an assigned contract

Once a new contract has been assigned to an event you will need to make changes to the agreement from the event page. You will have several options that you can edit.

  • Contract name
  • Contract body (this is where the terms and conditions are)
  • Option to display event information within contract (date, location, services, description and fee)
  • Option to make the contract visible or not on the Client Portal
  • Option to set the contract to able to sign or not

You can also view, delete and email the contract from this modal.

Sending the contract to a client

To send a contract to a client, you must first assign a client to an event and ensure that they have a valid email address. If no email address is present, Band Pencil will prevent the contract from being signed.

Once you have sent the contract, the client will need to click "Send Confirmation Email" before signing. Band Pencil will then send an email to the client's email address, containing a unique link that will allow them to sign the contract.

There are three ways to send a contract to a client:

  1. Copying the URL to the Client Portal or the contract: On the event page, click the Client Portal button in the upper right corner. You can copy the link to the Client Portal from here and send it to your client. Alternatively, you can copy the link directly to the contract.

  2. Emailing the client from Band Pencil: Click Email Client and select Include a link for the client to access the Client Portal. Fill in the subject and email body, and then send. The email will include a link to the Client Portal where the client can sign the contract.

  3. Email Contract (Template): Click on the contract to open the edit modal, and then click Email Contract. A pre-populated email will appear, explaining to the client how to sign the contract. It will also include a direct link to view the contract.

What happens once the contract is signed?

Once the client agrees to the contract, it is exported to PDF and saved in Band Pencil. An email confirmation will be sent to both parties for reference. Once this is done, the contract cannot be modified.

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