Student Portal

07 Jan 2020 // 1 minute read


Just like your musicians your students now have their very own portal! To access this head over to Student Login. Students don't use passwords, instead they login via a passwordless login form, you can learn more about it here.

The student gets access to two pages. Dashboard and Teacher.

Dashboard Page
When a student logins into their portal this is the first thing they will see. It give them an overview of all the upcoming lessons they have. Just like musicians if they have more than one teacher who uses Band Pencil they will be able to use the same login.

Teacher Page
The student can click on the teacher's name and it will take them to a teacher page. It's a bit like the dashboard, but it only contains the information for that teacher.

Downloading & Viewing Invoices
It's really simple for student's to view their invoices. They simply need to click on the invoice tab and it will show all their invoices. It will also show whether they are outstanding, or paid. The invoices can be downloaded to PDF by clicking on the hyperlink.

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