The Best Band Management Software for Musicians

18 May 2021 // 5 minute read

In the music industry, it's hard not to hear about Band Pencil by now. This amazing platform was introduced at a time when there was practically no alternative online band management software that could provide the myriad of features that it does.

The best band management software for musicians is a bold statement I know, but Band Pencil is loved by our thousands of bands and musicians around the world. In this post we want to discuss why we think Band Pencil is the best online software for musicians.


  1. What is Band Pencil and is it for me?
  2. Musician management
  3. Moving things online
  4. Other things Band Pencil can do
  5. Why we think we're the best

What is Band Pencil and is it for me?

Band Pencil lets you manage your gigs, organise your musicians, create invoices and contracts with a fraction of the effort. It's designed for everyone. Musicians, band leaders, agencies and music groups. Depending on who you are depends on which features you will need. For example, a not-for-profit music group might not use the contracts feature, but a band leader will and a band leader might not use the bulk emailing system, but not-for-profit groups definitely will!

If you're ever in doubt sign up and try it out. You can even drop us an email explaining what you want Band Pencil to do for you and we'll let you know how to achieve it.

Musician management

Musician management is the most popular reason musicians use Band Pencil. We make it super easy to get information out to musicians and connect them with your gigs.

Availability Poll & Invoicing

Within Band Pencil you can create events and assign musicians to an event. Once a musician is assigned you can give them access to see certain information about the event. You can even send an email and ask if they're available for the gig. This is super handy to avoid having to email loads of musicians to secure a gig. The musicians access Band Pencil through a secure Musician Portal. The Musician Portal uses a passwordless login, so no creating accounts and no extra admin for you!

Musician Portal - ask for musicians availability

Band Builder

Once you have chosen your line up for an event you can create a band template and populate this with musicians. We'll tell you which musician has yet to submit their availability, who's not available and who's still to book in. The Band Builder is one of our most popular features on Band Pencil.

From the overview page you can very quickly see what needs to be done. This is a game changing feature for all musicians and you should check it out now.

Band/ line up builder

Moving things online

Our goal at Band Pencil is to move things online and get them automated. We think musicians spend the most amount of time, communicating with the client and creating invoices. We solve this problem with the Client Portal.

Client Portal

The client Portal allows you to share event information securely with your client. From the portal you can share invoices, sign contracts, view event information, pay invoices, complete online forms and see all the event information.

The portal is professional looking and white-labelled so you can add your own branding to make it yours.

Online Invoices

How many times have you written an invoice exported it to PDF and a change comes a long... We know the pain. Invoices are super simple to make with Band Pencil. Add an invoice, add your items and boom that is. You can then add PO number, image, description, but we do the rest and let you export your invoice on the fly!

Online Contracts

Likewise with invoices, contracts are also super simple. Upload your template and that's it, we do the rest. The client signs with a e-signature and we process and store the saved contract for you. It's so simple for you and for the client and takes less than 15 seconds to sign online.

Other things Band Pencil can do

Band Pencil does a lot, but here's the full list. We're also constantly adding new features, or making existing features better.

  • Event & Rehearsal Manager
  • Musician Scheduling
  • Online Contracts
  • Online Payments
  • Online Invoices
  • Lead Capture Form
  • Inventory Manager
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Availability Checker
  • Song Inventory
  • Musician Groups
  • Client Portal
  • Musician Portal
  • Band/ Lineup Builder
  • File Store
  • Bulk Emailing System
  • Setlist Creator
  • Online Forms
  • Musician Invoices
  • Income Reporter

Why we think we're the best

Of course we're going to think our software is the best, but honestly we think what we offer for the price is incomparable. Our modern interface makes managing gigs enjoyable and our feature rich site means we can do pretty much anything. We're a friendly team who's always on hand to help get you setup and teach you how to use Band Pencil.

Thousands of musicians around the world use Band Pencil every week to help them manage gigs so we must be doing something right! If you're a musician, it might be time to start looking to how Band Pencil can help you.

Need some help with your event & band management?

Our band management software is loved by musicians, band manager, agencies, not-for-profit music groups and many more.

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Our band management software is loved by musicians, band manager, agencies, not-for-profit music groups and many more.

14-day free trial • No card required • Cancel at anytime