How the internal calendar works in Band Pencil

The calendar is an easy way to add and view events in Band Pencil.

Adding events directly to the calendar

Click a date or time, select your event type and complete the information before submitting. Events can be a maximum length of one day, but general events can be across multiple days.

General events

You can store general events, like holidays, to the calendar so you know not to schedule events at that time.

Drag and drop

Once you've added an event you can drag it around to change the date, or time. Clicking on the event will show the information.

Calendar default options

Set the view to daily, weekly, monthly or as a list and save your defaults in by clicking Calendar Settings. In the popup you can also edit your business hours (default midnight to midnight).

Calendar color coding

Users have the option to either toggle between service or default colours. By default, your account will show default colours.

Default colours:

Will show colours depending on the status:

  • Blue: enquiry
  • Green: confirmed
  • Orange: any other event status

Service colours:

Will display colours depending on what the user has assigned each service colour.

You can set a custom color for a service on the service edit page. This color will display on the calendar. If you have more than one color they will all display in a striped pattern.

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