What emails can I send through Band Pencil?

✅ Allowed:

  • You have hired a musician to perform at your event and you are seeking their availability.
  • You are sending information to your members regarding the gig they are performing on.
  • You are sending an email to a client asking them to review their event information, or view an invoice.

And... you have permission to email the recipient.

❌ Not allowed:

  • Sending an email to someone you do not have permission to email.
  • Sending marketing emails promoting a gig or event.
  • Sending emails to acts asking them to join your agency.
  • Sending emails to potential clients promoting, or selling your services.

Our Policy

All emails sent through the platform are classified as transactional, prohibiting the use of Band Pencil for marketing emails, unsolicited or spam emails, and any content that is illegal.

We're not doing this to be difficult, these restriction are in place to safeguard the platform's integrity and to ensure that users respect the boundaries of permission-based communication. In addition, marketing emails must follow strict guidelines, where users must have 'opted in' and have the ability to withdraw consent. As Band Pencil is designed for sending transactional, or expected emails, we do not have this facility and therefore cannot facilitate marketing emails.

Emails are scanned

Band Pencil frequently scans emails sent through Band Pencil ensuring they abide by our Terms & Conditions. If the system flags your account has, or is being used to send marketing emails, unsolicited or spam emails, or emails containing illegal content or links to spam or illegal content, Band Pencil may suspend or terminate your account.

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