Features that can be customised to your branding on Band Pencil

Band Pencil is a SaaS software company. This means we're an on-demand cloudbased service where the software is hosted centrally and is licensed to each user via a subscription. Because Band Pencil's software is hosted centrally, we are unable to make the service completely customizable to each user and some Band Pencil branding will remain.

However, we do offer customisation on several features to users on our premium plan. To change to your own branding most of the options are in your settings, or event settings page. 

This includes:

  1. Invoices (you can add your own image and remove the Band Pencil text in the footer).
  2. Contracts (you can remove the Band Pencil text in the footer).
  3. Client Portal (the Band Pencil text in the header bar changes to your trading name).
  4. Emails sent from Band Pencil*

Things which users are unable to customise:

  1. Member Portal (design and URL)
  2. Client Portal (design and URL)
  3. Emails sent from Band Pencil*
  4. General Band Pencil app (design, functionality and URL)

*Some Band Pencil branding is kept on emails to prevent spam. For example, all emails will be sent from a @bandpencil.com and most emails will contain Powered by Band Pencil in the footer. For some functions (e.g. Band Pencil Pay and contract confirmation) the email will contain Band Pencil's logo as this is a centralized service.

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