What is Band Pencil?

Band Pencil is one of the best artist and band management software designed for music and entertainment businesses who need help managing their musicians, performers, clients and events. Whether you're a freelance musician, or run a large scale band, or manage multiple artists, we have you covered.

What does Band Pencil Do?

Being a band management software, Band Pencil brings together many complex tasks and makes them easy to manage in one place with a simple user interface. You can Manage your gigs, organise your musicians (or performers) and create invoices and contracts with a fraction of the effort. On average, band leaders book gigs 2x faster using Band Pencil's software.

Not only this, but as we're cloud based management software, you can view your information at any time anywhere and run reports at the click of a button. 

Is Band Pencil right for me?

Is Band Pencil suitable for me? Absolutely! Band Pencil is specifically created for musicians, artists, entertainers, and anyone involved in the music or entertainment industry who needs to efficiently view and manage their gigs.

How Does Band Pencil Help Me?

Let me guess, you're probably dealing with endless emails, complex Excel spreadsheets, and the tedious task of exporting invoices to PDF?. That's where Band Pencil comes in to revolutionise your band management process.

Band Pencil is specifically designed to streamline and simplify band management for musicians like you. Say goodbye to scattered information and welcome a centralised solution that brings everything together on a single page.

With Band Pencil, you can effortlessly manage your musicians, generate professional invoices and contracts, and even keep track of equipment, all from one convenient platform. No longer will you have to waste time switching between multiple tools or manually exporting invoices!

But the best part? Band Pencil ensures everyone stays connected and informed. From clients to musicians, they can access gig information through either the Client or Member Portal to stay in the loop. You can really say goodbye to miscommunication and hello to a cohesive band management experience.

Let's Look at Some Examples

Musician Management

Assigning musicians to events is a perfect example of how Band Pencil makes things easier. Once a musician has been assigned, you can send then an availability request to see if they are able to perform. If they respond with yes, you can enter their fee amount which allows them to submit an automatically generated invoice. Once you've set their invoice status to paid we automatically send them a receipt.

Musicians can also login and view all their upcoming and past events via the Member Portal, creating a 'self-service' approach to your musicians to access their information.

Client Management

Managing clients in a swift and professional manor is fundamental to the success of your business. With Band Pencil, all the event information is kept in one place. Clients can view the event information in the Client Portal. They can sign contracts, download files such as receipts and invoices and you can even upload files to the event so the client can see that too.

This is not just handy for the client, but it keeps everything in one place for you. The information and files are stored on your account forever, so you can always refer back to the event if need be.

How to join Band Pencil?

You can sign up to Band Pencil right now and enjoy a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. If you're unsure, sign up for our free trail and give it ago! Feel free to drop us an email to discuss your needs.

Management Software Built for the Music & Entertainment Industry

14-day free trial, no credit card required.

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