What is Band Pencil?

03 Jan 2019 // 2 minute read

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Band Pencil is a new piece of management software focused on making your professional event management easier. Whether you just run one or two bands, or you're an agency we have you covered.

How does it help me?

Unless you're a large corporate function band you will probably manage your band using traditional methods. Emails and Excel spreadsheets, not forgetting that dreaded invoice template you have to export to PDF each time? Band Pencil is designed to bring everything together, we still use emails, but everything can be sent from the event page. The software automatically creates invoices, receipts and event terms and conditions. The best part, everyone is kept in the loop from clients to musicians.

Let's look at some examples

Musician Management

Tagging musicians to events is a perfect example of how Management by Band Pencil makes things easier. Once a musician has been tagged, you can send then an availability request to see if they are able to perform. If they respond with yes, you can enter their fee amount which allows them to submit an automatically generated invoice. Once you've set their invoice status to paid we automatically send them a receipt.

P.S. Members can also logon and view all their upcoming and past events.

Client Management

Managing clients in a swift and professional manor is fundamental to the success of your business. With Band Pencil, all the event information is kept in one place. Clients can view the event information, sign the terms and conditions, download files such as receipts and invoices and you can even upload files to the event so the client can see that too.

This is not just handy for the client, but it keeps everything in one place for you. The information and files are stored on your account forever, so you can always refer back to the event if need be.

So, when can I try it?

You can sign up to Band Pencil right now! We are currently testing Agency with a handful of users, but it should be ready to all in a few months.

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