How Freelance Musicians Use Band Pencil (with Examples)

01 Oct 2019 // 3 minute read

Band Pencil was originally designed for people who run bands, but that's not to stop freelance musicians from using the best musician management software, Band Pencil to help organise your music business. We caught up with Maisie from Leeds in the UK, who uses Band Pencil to manage her gigs. When we asked her how she uses Band Pencil as a freelance musician and this was her response.

Maisie's Response

So I used to use Google sheets, which was great, but I was duplicating the work by adding a gig into my personal calendar and creating invoices with my trusty old Apple Pages template. It worked well for me, but I needed something a little more streamline and after a quick Google, I came across Band Pencil.

When it comes to adding an event I do this as normal, I don't change the event to personal as I like having the functionality to tag a 'band' to the event. Because I don't run any bands I decided to name my three bands Gigs, Teaching and Workshops, this is great as each month I can download my report and see how much money I made doing each thing. The client feature is useful for when clients hire me for my services, I send them the link so they can check over the event information.

As I had adopted Band Pencil as my main system for recording all my music activities, I decided to fully commit myself to the website and added all in the musicians I know! This is actually a great tool, I was once in a rehearsal and we needed a guitarist and I was able to go on the website on my phone and search for all the guitarist I knew.

As I'm using this for personal use I have no need to use the invoice tool, and I haven't used the file upload, but I do use the equipment inventory! This is a great little tool for when I'm doing a gig I'll add all the equipment I'll need, print a worksheet off and pack my car. Now I know exactly what equipment I brought to a gig and what I need to bring back and since using Band Pencil I haven't lost a single jack cable!!

Big thanks to Maisie for sharing how she uses Band Pencil and we hope this gives you some great ideas of how you could use Band Pencil. If you want to share how you use Band Pencil get in touch via the contact form on our website!

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