Frequently Asked Questions

General & Website

☛ Can members see how much other members are being paid?

No, never. Only administrators can see how much each member is being paid.

☛ I don't use the term member or musician, can I change it?

Yes, by default we use the term member or musician, but you are free to change it. Some popular choices are performers, artists or entertainers.

☛ Can I hide an event from the member?

Yes, this is an option when editing a member on the event page. Simply select no when it asks whether you want this event visible to the member.

☛ Can I change what information my account users sees?

Yes, you can different status and permission levels per account user. You can learn more about this here.

☛ How do I link Band Pencil to my personal calendar?

From the calendar page you can link Band Pencil events straight to your Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar Apple Calendar and many many more. If you're a member you can do this from the Member Portal dashboard. There's a blue button in the top right which says "Link to Personal Calendar". Read the help article to learn more. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your calendar to reflect changes made in Band Pencil.

☛ Do I have to pay for members / musicians?

No, they're included in your plan. You can have as many members as you like and access to the Member Portal is completely free.

☛ Can I store a member's dietary requirment?

Yes, this is an option when editing a member. If you enter a dietary requirements, we'll flag it when you assign a member to an event.

☛ I have a feature request for Band Pencil?

A lot of Band Pencil's features are built on requests! Please send us them in by emailing the support email address and we'll take a look. There's no promise we can get it on the site, but we'll try our best. We're written a handy blog post on how we handle requests.

☛ Will Band Pencil work on my Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device?

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection we will work. For best results use Google Chrome. We also recommend you use Band Pencil on the largest possible display you have. For the Client and Member Portal, we have optimised this to work best on a mobile.

☛ Is there a Band Pencil app?

There isn't an app on the Google Play, or Apple App store yet, but you can do everything from a browser. As long as you have internet you can use Band Pencil.

☛ Can I import member and clients' information?

Yes, you can upload this using our import tool to import multiple records at once. You can also import songs and events. We store any sensitive information as an encrypted value within our database.

☛ Do you ever email my members or clients?

No, we never email your members or clients unless we're sending them a reminder (you can turn this feature off in your event settings), or a transactional email based off an action built into one of Band Pencil's features. We never send them marketing emails (and neither should you), or feature updates.

☛ How do I backup my data?

Navigate to your settings page and there will be a tool for you to download a backup. If you need a full account backup please contact support.

☛ What currencies do you accept?

$ - USD, $ - CAD, $ - AUD, $ - NZD, £ - GBP, € - EUR, Kr. - DKK, Kr. - SEK.
Please note, Band Pencil Pay (the way client's pay you) only accepts certain currencies, if yours isn't here, contact support and we might be able to add it in!

☛ What date/time format I can use?

You can display dates in either standard (dd-mm-yyyy), or American format (mm-dd-yyyy). You can set the time to display using a 24 or 12-hour clock.

☛ What distance format can I use?

You can store distance in either Miles or Kilometers.

☛ What paper size can I export to?

You can export documents (invoices, contracts and worksheets) in A4, letter, legal, ledger, or tabloid.

Is Band Pencil right for me?

☛ Is Band Pencil the best event management software?

No software can ever say they are "the best" as each user has their preference, but unlike other software on the market we are development first, meaning we can bring features to you much quicker. Our app offers great functionality and is used by thousands of members and bands worldwide.

☛ Who is Band Pencil actually built for?

Band Pencil was originally built for musicians (band managers) and agenices. Now we have all sorts of users in the music and entertainment industry.

☛ I am an individual musician, is Band Pencil right for me?

Yes! We have loads of individual or freelance musicians using Band Pencil to help manage their bookings.

☛ I am an community/ not-for-profit/ non-professional group is this right for me?

Yes! We have loads of non-professional groups using Band Pencil to manage their rehearsals and gigs. You can just turn off all the payment options in your event settings.

Member Questions

☛ What is a magic link?

A magic link is a passwordless login process. We send you a custom link in an email which you can use to login. Read here for more information.

☛ Can I download my invoices and receipt?

Yeah, you're able to download your invoices and receipts we automatically create for you.

☛ Who can view my information?

Only the person who added you to Band Pencil can see your information. All sensitive data is stored as encrypted values in our database.

☛ Can I also use Band Pencil?

Yes, there's nothing to stop you. You'll just have an account and a Member Portal access (but so do a lot of our users).

☛ Can I have two accounts with one Member Portal?

Yes, the system is designed for you to be apart of multiple accounts, they will all be display from the one portal - the record is 11, let us know if you beat it!

Questions For Us

☛ Are you hiring?

Band Pencil is still small, at the moment there are no job vacancies, but keep an eye out in the future.

☛ Where is Band Pencil based?

Band Pencil was developed in the amazing city of Newcastle upon Tyne. It's now run in London, United Kingdom.

☛ I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

Okay no problem, contact us here.

☛ Do you ever look at my data?

No, unless you submit a support ticket and it requires us to access your account. Where possible all sensitive data is encrypted in our databases so we can't see it even if we wanted to! Check out our Privacy Policy which goes in to a little more detail about this.

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