Feature Rich Event & Band Management Software

All the features to run and grow your business.

Event Management

Take full control of your gigs.

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Event Manager Page

Store every detail of your event in 25+ fields.

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Member Portal

Share event information with your members through our online portal.

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Client Portal

Share event information with your clients through our online portal.

Invoices, Contracts & Payment

One platform for getting paid and signing contracts.

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Online Invoices

Create and send professional invoices quickly and easily.

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Online Payments

Pay invoices online using the most widely used card processor.

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Online Contracts

Create and send e-contracts for clients to sign online.

Capture Leads, Build Bands & Setlists

Manage every aspect of your gig from capturing leads and managing your line-up.

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Lead Capture Form

Embed our form and start getting bookings from your website instantly.

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Band Builder

Build your line-up and we'll tell you who's missing and who's booked in.

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Setlist Builder

Upload your song library and drag-and-drop your songs to create setlists.

Features for Our Ultimate Users

From scheduling emails to accepting performer contracts, we have features for ultimate management.

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Auto Book Members

We'll ask the next member if they're available if the previous says they're not.

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Schedule Emails

Select a date and time for delivery to your recipient.

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Performer Contracts

Set a booking agreement between you and your members.

All the Other Features Band Pencil Offers

It doesn't stop there. See all our other amazing features!

Multi-User Support

Add your team to your account for seemless centralized management.

Audit Reporting

Access to an audit log to see what has been changed, by which user and when.

Todo List

Add items to your todo list, assign to your team and link to your events.

Email Templates

When composing emails, select from pre-written templates to speed up your workflow.

Email Read Receipts

Keep track of what emails have been sent and whether they have been opened or read.

Email Reminders

Band Pencil automatically reminds your members to submit their availability and about upcoming events.

Financial Reports

View and download financial reports. See your revenue broken down by event, month or year.

Online Form Builder

Build forms and send them to your clients to collect event information.

Equipment Checkout

Check in/out equipment so you can keep track of your assets with ease.


Add custom notes to events to keep track of important information.

Availability Checker

Select a date and we'll tell you if you're available or not in seconds.

Calendar View

All your events automatically populate to your Band Pencil calendar.

Save Presets

Save locations, services, referral sources, band templates and more to speed up your workflow.

Backup Your Data

It's your data, so we allow you to download a backup whenever you need.

Custom Logo

Upload your logos and show then on your emails and invoices.

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