Band Pencil is full of simple, smart features that make running your music enterprise easier. There’s everything inside to enable you to manage your business from client creation through to invoice!



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Built for managing your gigs

Book gigs 2x faster using Band Pencil.

  • Sync Band Pencil to your external calendar
  • Create invoices and contracts
  • Add musicians and clients to gigs

Smart musician scheduling

If you run several bands with musician crossover this is the perfect tool. We'll tell you which musicians are free and which are already booked.

  • Check to see if a musician is available
  • Update the musician's availability
  • Allow musician's to set their own availability

Example of roster management

Easy to use inventory management system

40% of businesses report lost or stolen equipment each year. We make it easy to track your inventory.

  • Add equipment to gigs
  • Record the item value and status
  • See what equipment gets used the most.

Store your clients securely

Keep your client's details all in one place.

  • Easily add clients to gigs
  • Record clients' marketing permissions
  • Quickly view the status of contracts and invoices

Example of roster management

Musician management made simple

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Add your gig to Band Pencil. Add your musician. Share the gig with your musician.

  • Add musicians to gigs
  • Musician can see their gigs online and set their availability
  • Securely store your musician's information

Useful reporting

Not only can you view your reports on Band Pencil, but we make it simple to export to Excel, CSV and PDF.

  • See how much you've paid your musicians
  • See your total income
  • See your predicted income

Example of roster management
Example of file upload system

Integrated file storage

View files online, link and share with ease.

  • Share files with a client easily
  • Link files to events
  • Music files (e.g. sib) supported

Hassle free invoicing

It's time to stop using Microsoft Word and get Band Pencil to auto-generate your invoices and receipts.

  • Customisable invoices
  • Set individual invoice charge dates
  • Download to PDF and email straight from Bnd Pencil

Example of roster management

Oh, but there's more...

Multi-User Support

You can have up to three users sign up per account, so no need to share login information.

Audit Reporting

Access to an audit log to see what has been changed, by which user and when.

Affordable Pricing

Software shouldn't cost the earth. We believe we offer a fair and affordable price.

Client Portal

Clients can access their event information, invoices and contract online.

Musician Portal

Musicians can view their gigs, invoices and set their availability online.

Online Outbox

See what emails have been sent and whether they have been read or opened.

Band Availability

Select a band and date and we'll tell you if they're available.

Customise Invoices

Add your logo, PO information and notes to invoices.

Email Templates

When composing emails, select from pre-written templates to speed up your work flow.

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