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Build your band and easily see which musician is on what gig.

What does the Band Builder look like?

This the band builder overview page. You can see which musicians are booked and who still is needed to book!

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Band Builder explained

Band Pencil's band builder makes it easy see which musician is on what gig. Build your band line-up, add it to your event and assign musicians to the event. We'll tell you which instruments you're missing and who's booked.

  • See which musicians are available, not available and still to confirm
  • Easily see missing instruments
  • Collect payment in seconds

Band Pencil Quote

We particularly love the new 'Band Builder' feature that allows us to specify band line-ups, we were thrilled to have been involved in the development of this game changing feature.

The London Function Band

Band Builder Demo

Example of setlist builder on Band Pencil

Never forget to book a musician

Create a band template and we'll tell you who you still need to book.

  • See which musicians are available, not available and still to confirm
  • Easily see which slots are missing and need booking
  • Add multiple templates to suit your bands needs

See the bigger picture with our band line-up overview

See an overview of who is booked on to what event and easily see who's still left to book.

  • See your lineup for your upcoming events
  • Easily see empty slots
  • Colour coded to quickly see what's going on
Example of setlist live view on Band Pencil's setlist builder

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