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Manage your gigs 2x faster with our simple and powerful event booking software.

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Band Pencil's Event Management

When you add a new booking into Band Pencil you have the option to add information to over 25 fields. You can assign musicians, add invoices and contracts, add files, manage a todo list, update the client's information and send email to clients and musicians, all from one page.

  • Access anywhere anytime
  • Export information to an event worksheet PDF
  • Share event information with musicians and clients

Can I add presets to make things quicker?

Yes, you can preload venues, services you offer, clients, contracts, create groups of musicians and add email templates.

Can I backup my data myself?

Yes, you can download a copy of your data from the settings page at anytime.

Can my client and musician see all of this information in their portal?

No, they only see the information they need to see. For example, we have a private notes field just for you.

Musician management software

Organise gigs 2x faster using Band Pencil

On average, band leaders book gigs and rehearsals 2x faster using Band Pencil's software. Whether you're an artist, musician or agency, Band Pencil is sure to speed up your workflow.

  • Sync Band Pencil to your external calendar
  • Create invoices and contracts
  • Quickly send musicians and clients to gig information

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Band Pencil has helped us keep our events extremely organized! It is so easy to handle the different aspects of an event.

Vybe Society

Take out the guess work when booking musicians and get Band Pencil to ask

If you run several bands with musician crossover this is the perfect tool. We'll tell you which musicians you have already booked and which have said they're not available.

  • Poll musicians to see if they are available for gigs
  • Manually change the musician's availability
Musician management software for bands and musicians

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