Musician Portal

Band Pencil allows you to share event information securely with your musicians via our Musician Portal.

Example of setlist builder on Band Pencil

Ask your musicians if they're available

With Band Pencil you can assign your musicians to events (gigs or rehearsals) and ask if they're available or not.

  • We'll email you once a musician submits their availability
  • Musicians can change their availability if needed
  • Easily see who's available or not

Example of setlist live view on Band Pencil's setlist builder

Secure Musician Portal

Each musician has their own access to a secure portal to see the gigs they are assigned to. No creating account and no setup required.

  • Secure passwordless login via Magic Link technology
  • Link Band Pencil to your personal calendar
  • See all past and present events and invoices

Example of setlist builder on Band Pencil

Securely view gig information

Gig information is securely stored in Band Pencil and we only show the musician what they need to see.

  • Musicians can download PDF worksheets
  • Can view shared files
  • Can see other musicians assigned to an event

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