Band Pencil's Member Portal

Effortlessly share event info with your members and performers.

Empower your members to "self-serve"

Access anywhere anytime

Members can access the gig information anywhere anytime and information updated in real-time.

Powerful Member Portal

From the portal members can submit their availability, send you invoices and sign performer contracts.

Sync to Personal Calendar

With our calendar intergration your members can sync their events with their personal calendar, including Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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Having all the information for both clients and performers in one place makes the booking and event management process much more efficient.

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Unlike other software, our onboarding is easy and painless for all.

All you need is their name and email address to get them started, no accounts, no registration and no passwords!

  • No account registration
  • No invites to 'join group'
  • No passwords
Musician Gig Management Software. Manage your gigs on Band Pencil

Frequently Asked Questions

What, or who are my members?
Your members are other people you work with. These can be your musicians, performers, entertainers, technicians, or engineers.

Do my members have to pay?
Nope! Member access is completely free and always will be. There's also no limit to the amount of members you can have on Band Pencil.

Can members see other members information?
You decide what your member sees. By default members will be able to see other members assigned to an event and whether they're available, but this can be disabled. Only the member can see how much their own fee is.

Member Portal Demo

View our short demo video to see how it all works.

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