Musician Portal

Share event information securely with your musicians, technicians, crew and anyone else working the event.

What does the Musician Portal look like?

This is what a musician sees when you share the event with them!

Example of the musician portal for event management software

Musician Portal explained

The Musician Portal, is the way you easily share event information with your musicians. Simply add an event or rehearsal, assign your musicians and share the event. Your musicians will have instant access to the event information and will be able to state their availability, view setlists and submit invoices.

  • Access anywhere anytime
  • Simple and secure for the musician
  • Information updated in real-time

Do my musicians have to pay?

Nope! Musician access is completely free and always will be. There's also no limit to the amount of musicians you can have on Band Pencil.

How do my musicians login?

They login using a magic link sent to their email address, or they can click the link provided in a Band Pencil email. Learn more about Musician Magic Links.

Can musicians see other musicians information?

You decide what your musicians sees. By default musicians will be able to see other musicians assigned to an event and whether they're available, but this can be disabled. Only the musician can see how much their own fee is.

Musician Portal Demo

Example of setlist builder on Band Pencil

Stop guessing and start asking for your musician's availability

Band Pencil automatically asks your musician for their availability. We'll let you know as soon as they respond.

  • Track whether your email has been opened
  • Musicians can change their availability if needed
  • See who's available or not in seconds

Share only what musicians need to see

Gig information is securely stored in Band Pencil and we only show the musician what they need to see.

  • Musicians can download PDF worksheets
  • You can share files through the portal
  • Musicians see other musicians assigned to a gig
Example of setlist builder on Band Pencil

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