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Keep your business moving with secure online contracts that clients can sign anytime, anywhere.

  • Import your own Terms & Conditions
  • Turn contracts on or off, or set to manually signed
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Super easy to setup, as we...

  • Automatically pull through your event's information
  • Automatically pull through the client's information
  • Automatically convert to PDF


Band Pencil Premium plan required to use this feature. Nagivate to your Event Settings page, turn on event contracts and add a new contract template. Now from an Event page click Contract & Files and select your contract template. Once this has all been done when a client logins to their portal they have the option to sign the contract.

Once signed the contract is exported to PDF, saved, and emailed to both you and the client for reference. The contract PDF can be downloaded at any point from the client portal.


The client holds a unique token which allows only them to sign the contract.
We record their full name, IP address, date-time-stamp and email address which is printed on the final contract for authenticity.

Section 10.2 (Event Contracts) from Band Pencil's Terms & Conditions applies.

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