Online Setlist Builder

Create, save and share setlists all from Band Pencil.

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Manage your gigs and setlists all from one platform

Access anywhere anytime

Your gigs and setlists can be accessed and edited anywhere anytime.

Duration calculator

We'll automatically calculate the setlist duration so you know exactly how long your sets are.

Share your setlists

Share your setlists with your musicians and performers via the Member Portal.

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Our clients are happy with how slick everything is and running multiple bands and options is a dream! Can’t recommend it enough and can’t do without it!

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Build setlist from your song library

Drag, drop and reorder songs on the fly with our setlist builder. Add labels such as First Dance or Final Song and add notes for all your musicians to see. You can also add muitiple setlists to one gig.

  • Automatic setlist duration calculator
  • Add song key, length, BPM and arrangement
  • Upload attachments to songs

View your setlists online with our setlist live viewer

When you're gigging, enter Setlist Live View to easily see all the song information and attachments and move to the next song without the hassle.

  • Scroll through setlist songs with ease
  • Very little mobile data required to load setlists
  • Split view to see attachments and the setlist
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Example of setlist live view on Band Pencil's setlist builder
Example of setlist builder on Band Pencil

Attach setlists to your gigs

Create unlimited setlists and attach them to your gigs for your musicians and crew to see.

  • Add more than one setlist to a gig
  • Setlists are automatically shared with your musicians
  • Download setlists within your event's worksheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this on a gig?
Yes, you can enter into our Online Setlist Live Viewer to view the setlist whilst on a gig to see all the song information and any attached files.

Can setlists be exported?
Setlists can be exported to PDF and they are automatically included in the event worksheet.

Can I share a setlist?
Yes, you can share the link to the Online Setlist Live Viewer with anyone! You can also share the setlist with your members through the Member Portal.

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