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Calculator to help musicians and performers quote for gigs.

If you're a band leader, musicians, or performer and you're not sure how much to quote for a gig, use our free calculator below to help you calculate the quote.

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How to build your quote?

Creating a quote involves calculating all the expenses associated with organising the event. This free tool is designed for function bands, musicians and performers to calculate how much to quote a client for a gig. You can include payments for band members, travel expenses, external hiring costs, and any additional expenditures. Remember to factor in taxes if applicable when preparing your quote.

Include your fee!

Make sure to include yourself as a band member and factor in your fee, even if your role is solely that of the organizer and you won't be performing. This ensures that all aspects of the event, including your organisational efforts, are appropriately recognised and accounted for in the overall cost estimate.

What are my external hire costs?

These are items that you might consider renting for your event, such as a PA system or lighting equipment.

What are my additional costs?

These encompass any miscellaneous expenses that may arise. For instance, this could involve fees associated with hiring someone to compose a customised first dance song.

Adding profit

Even if you are charging a performance fee, it could be beneficial to quote a slightly higher amount to incorporate some profit margin. While there isn't a strict rule for how much to add, we'll provide quote amounts for 10%, 50%, and 100% profit margins. It's crucial to keep in mind market competitiveness when determining your quote to ensure it remains attractive to potential clients.

Adding tax

If you charge tax, such as VAT, make sure to include that in your final quote. This tool will show your quote amount excluding tax.

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