How Band Pencil Works?

We provide one platform to manage all your gigs.

  • Booking Enquiry

    Someone enquiries about booking you or one of your services.

    The journey starts when someone requests to book either you or one of your services. If you're using the Lead Capture Form, the gig will be auto-populated into Band Pencil. If not you can add it in seconds!

  • Get the Gig Details

    Next step is to send the client some additional info. Assign the services they require to event in Band Pencil, calculate the cost and check whether you can perform for their event.

    Offer Made
  • Find Who's Available

    At this point you probably want to also check which performers are available to perform. Do this by sending the gig info to them and get them to state their availability for the event on the Member Portal.

    Pending Members
  • Client Booking Form

    You might want to collect all the gig info at this point. Send the client a form for them to complete so you know all the details.

  • Online Booking Contract

    To secure the gig, send the client a contract through Band Pencil so they can agree to the booking policy. You can also give them access to the Client Portal.

  • Invoices

    Once the booking has been confirmed, you can create and send the client invoices and take payments through Band Pencil.

  • Gig Confirmed

    Once the contract has been signed and any deposits have been taken, the gig is now confirmed. You can sit back and relax knowing another gig has been secured!

  • Finalise the Gig

    You can do this at any point of the cycle.

    Once the gig has been confirmed, you can start providing the client and your members with the final pieces of info such as any files they need to see, equipment you'll need, collecting performer contracts (between you and your members), creating task, issuing invoices and creating setlists.

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