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Admin Users

How to lock a user's account

You can lock a user's account to prevent them from logging into Band Pencil.

How to change your team user's permission level

How to change an administrators user permission level in Band Pencil.

How to add multiple admin users to your account

Follow this guide to add more admin users to your Band Pencil account.


Managing your artists and requesting availability

How to manage your artists and request availability from then if you're an agency.

How to book members on a first come first serve basis

The most effective and commonly used approach to first come first serve bookings on Band Pencil is.

Including your markup (e.g. agency fee, or cut) to an invoice

To add an agency fee you can either modify your service to include your cut, which will require manual calculation, or by adding an extra line item to the invoice that reflects your cut amount.


Billing email reminders

Band Pencil offers a billing notification system to keep you informed about upcoming payments and provide receipts for your subscription.

Band Pencil's free trial

Learn how our free trial works and what happens after your trial ends.

I downgraded my subscription plan - what happens?

In this article we explain what happens if you downgrade your subscription plan.

My subscription payment has failed

In this article we explain how to revive your subscription.


My event is not showing in my personal calendar?

How to fix events that are not showing in your personal calendar.

Fixing external calendar sync issues

How to fix common syncing issues between Band Pencil and your external calendar.

How to sync Band Pencil to an external calendar

How to sync Band Pencil to your external calendar.

How the internal calendar works in Band Pencil

Learn how to use the internal calendar to add and edit events in Band Pencil.


How to password protect the Client Portal

How to password protect the portal.

How to change the client on an event

How to add a new client for an event.

How the Form Builder works in Band Pencil

Learn how to create online forms through Band Pencil.

How the Client Portal works in Band Pencil

Learn how the Client Portal works in Band Pencil.


Changing the contract confirmation email

Limitations in changing the contract confirmation email.

Amending the contract header and footer text

By default, Band Pencil will display a header and footer for each contract. The header and footer sits either side of your contract terms and conditions.

Contract merge tags

A merge tag is a bit of code that allows you to insert dynamic data into your contract. For example, the field Client Name can be used as a merge tag with {{client_name}}.

How to create a performer contract (contract between you and your members)

Set a contract between you and the musicians you assign to an event.

How to create and send contracts to clients in Band Pencil

How to create and send contracts to clients in Band Pencil.


Can I insert images in emails?

How to insert images to emails into emails.

Email templates

How to set and use email templates.

What emails can I send through Band Pencil?

You cannot use Band Pencil to send marketing emails. See which emails you can send and to whom.

Unsubscribe from Band Pencil emails

To opt-out, individuals can either utilize the "unsubscribe" button in the email footer or navigate to their account settings.

Do replies to emails show in Band Pencil?

Replies to emails sent from Band Pencil will not be visible with the Band Pencil.

Band Pencil's emails are going to my spam or promotions tab

What to do if your emails from Band Pencil end up in a spam folder, or promotions tab in gmail.

How to schedule emails

Follow this guide to learn how to schedule emails in Band Pencil.

Band Pencil's email reminder to members to set their availability

Three days after you assign a musician to event Band Pencil will send a reminder email to all members have yet to state their availability and where the event is visible to the member.

Band Pencil's event reminder email to members

Three days before an event, Band Pencil will send a reminder email to all members assigned to the event.

How to bulk send emails to members and clients

Learn how you can bulk email members, clients and groups at once.

Tracking email delivery and open rates

Learn how to tracking email delivery and open rates in Band Pencil.


New Event Automation

How to set a workflow to get Band Pencil to automatically add new tasks, assign files,contracts and forms to the event

Event pipeline statuses

Band Pencil utilizes six main event statuses to help you manage your event pipeline. Here's how they work.

Managing events in multiple time zones

How to add events in different time zones.

How to add multiple services to an event in Band Pencil

You can add multiple services to one event in Band Pencil and it's really simple to do!

How the Band Builder works in Band Pencil

Band Pencil's Band Builder allows you to keep track of which musicians have been booked and who's still left to book in.

How the Lead Capture Form (Enquiry Form) works

How to capture new leads with our enquiry form on Band Pencil.

How to duplicate an event in Band Pencil

How to duplicate, or create an event series in Band Pencil.


Supported file types and sizes

Each user has a file storage limit of 5 GB for their uploads. Files uploaded to the file store, events and song files count towards this limit.

How to share files with your members on Band Pencil

How to share files with your members via the Member Portal.

How to upload and manage your files in Band Pencil

How to upload, edit, assign a file to an event and delete a file in Band Pencil.


How to set the default fee for each of your services

Whenever you add a service to an event in Band Pencil, the total default service fee will be calculated and displayed on the finance tab.

Tasks: adding, completing, assigning and setting due dates

You can add a task from either the dashboard, tasks page, event page or client page

I'm not able to delete an event, member, or client?

Deletion of event, member, and client records in Band Pencil is restricted to account administrators and owners exclusively.

Can I pay my members through Band Pencil?

Can you pay your members though Band Pencil?

How to manage multiple music groups with one account?

Learn how you can manage more than one music group with one account.

Features that can be customised to your branding on Band Pencil

We offer customisation on several features to users on our premium plan.

How to import your events, members, clients, songs and venues into Band Pencil

Learn how you can import a CSV (comma separated value) sheet containing your events, members, clients, songs and venues into Band Pencil.

How to export data stored in Band Pencil

Download a CSV of all your accessible data stored on Band Pencil.


Can I create one invoice for multiple events?

In Band Pencil invoices are linked to individual events providing per-event invoicing, this means you can't create one invoice for multiple events.

How to send quotes using Band Pencil

Here's a straightforward step-by-step guide on how send a quote to a client.

Promotional invoicing for venues and promoters

Band Pencil's inbuilt invoicing system does not have the capacity to manage promotional billing, such as percentage of ticket sales, or commission.

Using an accounting software with Band Pencil

If you're already using Xero, QuickBooks, or Sage for accounting purposes, there's no need to move all of your invoicing and reporting tasks to Band Pencil.

How to add a logo, purchase order number and notes to an invoice in Band Pencil

How to add an logo, purchase order number and notes to an invoice within Band Pencil.

How to accept online payments with Band Pencil Pay

Start accepting online payments with Band Pencil Pay. Use Stripe's secure payment gateway through Band Pencil to get paid for gigs faster.

How to create and edit invoices in Band Pencil

How to create and download invoices in Band Pencil.


How to change the location on an event

How to add a new location for an event.

How to add venues and locations to Band Pencil

How to save venues and locations to Band Pencil.

Member Portal

Member Portal masking mode

Mask a member to see their Member Portal.

Member Portal help guide

Guide on using Band Pencil's Member Portal.

How to change your availability in the Member Portal on Band Pencil

How to change your availability in Band Pencil.

Logging into Band Pencil's Member Portal

How to login to Band Pencil's Member Portal.

Members / Musicians

How to archive a member

Archiving a member is the recommended way to delete a member from your account.

How to build a member preference order to assist Auto Book

How to build a preference order to save you having to add each individual member to an event and setting them as the backup.

Member invoices: submitting and marking as paid

Once a member has set their availability to available, they are able to submit an invoice.

How to auto book members

Automatically ask the next member if they are available if the previous member says they are not available.

How to create groups of members in Band Pencil

You can add memebrs to groups to easily email and add them to events. 

How to turn off member invoices / payment feature in Band Pencil

Guide on how to turn on or off the ability for member to submit invoices on Band Pencil.


How reports work in Band Pencil

Learn what reports you can view in Band Pencil.


Adding files to songs

How to add and manage song files.

How to build a setlist in Band Pencil

How to build and share a setlist in Band Pencil.

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