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What emails can I send through Band Pencil?

You cannot use Band Pencil to send marketing emails. See which emails you can send and to whom.

Unsubscribe from Band Pencil emails

To opt-out, individuals can either utilize the "unsubscribe" button in the email footer or navigate to their account settings.

Do replies to emails show in Band Pencil?

Replies to emails sent from Band Pencil will not be visible with the Band Pencil.

Band Pencil's emails are going to my spam or promotions tab

What to do if your emails from Band Pencil end up in a spam folder, or promotions tab in gmail.

How to schedule emails

Follow this guide to learn how to schedule emails in Band Pencil.

Band Pencil's email reminder to members to set their availability

Three days after you assign a musician to event Band Pencil will send a reminder email to all members have yet to state their availability and where the event is visible to the member.

Band Pencil's event reminder email to members

Three days before an event, Band Pencil will send a reminder email to all members assigned to the event.

How to bulk send emails to members and clients

Learn how you can bulk email members, clients and groups at once.

Tracking email delivery and open rates

Learn how to tracking email delivery and open rates in Band Pencil.

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