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New Event Automation

How to set a workflow to get Band Pencil to automatically add new tasks, assign files,contracts and forms to the event

Event pipeline statuses

Band Pencil utilizes six main event statuses to help you manage your event pipeline. Here's how they work.

Managing events in multiple time zones

How to add events in different time zones.

How to add multiple services to an event in Band Pencil

You can add multiple services to one event in Band Pencil and it's really simple to do!

How the Band Builder works in Band Pencil

Band Pencil's Band Builder allows you to keep track of which musicians have been booked and who's still left to book in.

How the Lead Capture Form (Enquiry Form) works

How to capture new leads with our enquiry form on Band Pencil.

How to duplicate an event in Band Pencil

How to duplicate, or create an event series in Band Pencil.

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