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How to set the default fee for each of your services

Whenever you add a service to an event in Band Pencil, the total default service fee will be calculated and displayed on the finance tab.

Tasks: adding, completing, assigning and setting due dates

You can add a task from either the dashboard, tasks page, event page or client page

I'm not able to delete an event, member, or client?

Deletion of event, member, and client records in Band Pencil is restricted to account administrators and owners exclusively.

Can I pay my members through Band Pencil?

Can you pay your members though Band Pencil?

How to manage multiple music groups with one account?

Learn how you can manage more than one music group with one account.

Features that can be customised to your branding on Band Pencil

We offer customisation on several features to users on our premium plan.

How to import your events, members, clients, songs and venues into Band Pencil

Learn how you can import a CSV (comma separated value) sheet containing your events, members, clients, songs and venues into Band Pencil.

How to export data stored in Band Pencil

Download a CSV of all your accessible data stored on Band Pencil.

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