Whether you are managing a small jazz trio, or a large corporate function band. Band Pencil is the industry grade management system which will work for you.

Managing Your Events

Top features:

  • Manage payments to clients & musicians.
  • Download an event worksheet.
  • Send contracts & invoices to clients.
  • Message musicians and let them confirm their availability.

Your musicians's can login via an access code to view events, submit & view their invoices.

Managing Clients

We know the stress of chasing clients to sign paper contracts and making invoices so we made it simple.

Send clients and invoice which can be viewed online (and downloaded as a PDF).

Send clients a contract which they can sign online in seconds. The contract is then converted to a PDF and emailed to both parties.

Producing Reports

Being able to track and monitor your income is vital when running managing a band. We made it easy with our reports page.

What can you do?

  • Create individual band reports.
  • Track which event payments are outstanding.
  • Export your reports to CSV, Excel, PDF, or print.

Managing Musicians

A professional environment to engage with your musicians.

  • Easily send emails & SMS* musicians.
  • Allowing musicians to state their availability to events.
  • Allowing musicians to submit invoices through Band Pencil.

Your musician's can login to view events, submit and view their invoices. In doing so, both you and your musician have a copy of their invoice and receipt.

Oh, but there's more...

File Store

Store all your files securely in one place, for easy access.
Band Pencil allows you to attach files to events so you, and clients can see shared files.


Add all your equipment to Band Pencil so you can keep track.
Band Pencil allows you to add equipment to events so you know exactly what you need.

*SMS feature coming soon.
Some features shown on this page are subject to Management by Band Pencil upgraded account.

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