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Software for Choirs, Concert Bands, Brass Bands, Big Bands, Marching Bands & Orchestras.

Easily schedule your concerts and rehearsals with Band Pencil

Add your concerts and rehesarals to Band Pencil to speed up your organisation.

  • Sync your concerts and rehearsals to your personal calendar
  • Poll musicians for their availability
  • Access concerts and rehearsals information online

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Band Pencil help us see who's attending what rehearsal and store our member's information. Highly recommend as we've saved so much time with this software.

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Group your musicians to speed up your workflow

Add musicians to groups to easily add them to events and send emails.

  • Add musicians to groups e.g. trombones, strings, tenors
  • Bulk add groups to concerts and rehearsals
  • Email group members with one click
Example of group management

Simple, but powerful inventory management system

We know the pain of having to leave equipment in a Church Hall or school hall, so we make it easy to track your inventory and note exactly where it has been left.

  • Add equipment to concerts and rehearsals
  • Record the item value, status and location
  • See what equipment gets used the most

Easy to use member management

Musicians get their own access to login to view files, gigs and rehearsals and view and update their information. Family friendly.

  • Share files with members
  • Members can see their gigs online and set their availability
  • Securely store your member's information
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Example of roster management
Example of file upload system

Build in file storage

View files online and share links with ease.

  • Share files with your members easily
  • Link files to events (e.g. Venue invoice)
  • Music files (e.g. sib) supported

Hassle free email system

Email your members without any fuss. Select who you want to email (individuals, groups or everyone) add a subject and email body and send.

  • Email individuals, groups or all your members
  • See who has received and opened your email
  • See your sent emails in your outbox on Band Pencil
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