Band Pencil is the perfect music group scheduling software for Choirs, Concert Bands, Brass Bands, Big Bands, Orchestras and any other music group.

Manage your gigs and rehearsals

Add all your gigs and rehearsal to Band Pencil.

  • Add your gigs and rehearsals
  • Poll musicians for their availability
  • Musicians can add your events to their personal calendar

Create groups of musicians

Add musicians to groups to easily add them to events. You can also send an email to everyone in a group.

  • Add musicians to groups e.g. trombones, strings, tenors
  • Easily add groups to events
  • Email group members with one click!

Example of roster management

Easy to use inventory management system

40% of businesses report lost or stolen equipment each year. We make it easy to track your inventory.

  • Add equipment to gigs and rehearsals
  • Record the item value, status and location
  • See what equipment gets used the most

Member management made simple

Musicians get their own access to login to view files, gigs and rehearsals and view and update their information.

  • Add musicians to events and rehearsals
  • Musician can see their gigs online and set their availability
  • Securely store your musician's information

Example of roster management
Example of file upload system

Integrated file storage

View files online, link and share with ease.

  • Share files with musicians easily
  • Link files to events (e.g. Venue invoice)
  • Music files (e.g. sib) supported

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