Whether you teach five, or fifty students, our teacher dashboard is designed to help you organise your teaching diary.

Managing students

Use Management by Band Pencil to manage your teaching.

Easily see how many lessons you are teaching this week and see your projected monthly earnings. We have made it super easy to manage your students data securely.

Managing lessons

We know the stress of students cancelling their lessons last minute.

You can set whether a lesson has been paid for.

Lesson Series
Schedule a lesson as part of a series so you only have to make updates once.

Lesson reminders

Lesson Reminder
You can set Band Pencil to send an automatic email reminder of an upcoming lesson 24 hour before.

Email Content
The email contains useful information such as date, time and cost of the lesson.

Attendance monitoring

Lesson Status
Set a lesson to Present, Late, Absent Charge, Absent No Charge, Cancelled Charge, Cancelled No Charge.

Student Credit
If you set a lesson to No Charge you can credit the student's account so they aren't over charged. We then credit the next invoice!

Invoicing students

Automatic Invoicing
Automatically invoice a student weekly, monthly or yearly. Invoice post or pre lessons.

Custom Invoicing
You can create an invoice for custom date range and email it to the student.

Student access

Passwordless Login
Students can login to Band Pencil and view their upcoming lessons and invoices. Students login via their email address so no need for passwords!

Revenue reporting

IRS 1099 & HMRC Self Assessment
We've made it easy to see your monthly revenue report for all your teaching. You can also predict your upcoming income.

Revenue & Export
You can then export all of the data to Excel, CSV, PDF or Print.

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