Onboarding Your Members

Unlike other software, our onboarding is easy and painless for all.

Thousands of performers access Band Pencil's Member Portal each week to see their gig information, state their availability, submit invoices and sign contracts.


Our customers love us

We're used by some of the best music and entertainment companies worldwide.

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Brass House Entertainment • London, UK

" Band Pencil covers every aspect of booking an event from client contracts to musician management. They have thought of everything needed to help the booking process run smoothly. Game changer! "

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MIB Band • UK

" Band Pencil has been revolutionary to our management! I love how easy the booking system is for sending contracts and invoices, and the online portal for both clients and musicians - I know all our musicians are loving it too. "

Example of the event pipeline portal for band management software

Adding your members

Musicians, artists, performers, entertainers, whatever you call them they access your gig information through the Member Portal and it's completely free for them to use.

All you need is their name and email address to get them started, no accounts, no registration and no passwords!

  • No account registration
  • No invites to 'join group'
  • No passwords

Accessing the Member Portal

Once you send an email through Band Pencil to your members, we automatically include a link for them to access their Member Portal.

Assigning a member to an event will allow them to see the event information, but you can toggle whether they see the event or not.

Your members can also login using this link (they just need their email address). We're also written this handy help guide which you can share with your members.

Example of the event pipeline portal for band management software

What can my members do from the portal?

Your members can do a lot from our powerful Member Portal.

View Event Information

They can see non-sensitive gig information, such as timings and location.

View Their Fee

If you pay your members, they can see their fee and submit invoices.

Sign Performer Contracts

Your members can sign performer contracts from the portal.

View Setlists

Your members can view any assigned setlists and information.

Download Gig Worksheets

Old school and like paper? Gig information can be exported and downloaded to a PDF.

Download Finance Reports

Your members can view and download finance reports from the portal.

Google Maps

Your members can view the location on a Google Map.

Sync to Personal Calendar

Your members can sync their Member Portal to their personal calendar.

See Other Performers

Your members can see who else is performing (you can turn this off).

Visual Learner?

No problem, watch our short demo videos.

We're here when you need us

Band Pencil’s legendary support team is here to help. Whether you need assistance getting started, have a new feature request, or need advice, feel free to give us a shout.

Band Pencil Quote

The customer service is fantastic! Simon and his team are incredibly quickly responded and made changes which is amazing.

Hand Fulla Soul Band • London, UK

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