Tasks: adding, completing, assigning and setting due dates

You can add a task from either the dashboard, tasks page, event page or client page. You can add multiple items by using a semicolon (;) as a separator. For example, "Task 1, Task 2, Task 3" will be inputted as three seperate tasks.

Assigning a task to an event or client: To assign a task to an event or client, simply add the task on the event, or client page you want to assign it to.

Setting a due date: In setting a due date, the assigned user will be notifed when the task is soon to be completed. To set a due date, click Set Due Date and select the date you want the item to be due. We will send a notification email to the person assigned to the event. If no user is assigned to the item when setting the due date, the user who set the due date will automatically be assigned as sent a due date reminder email

Marking a task as complete: To mark a task as complete, click in the checkbox and the event will be marked as complete.

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