5 Ways Band Management Software Can Save You Time

5 time consuming band management tasks to automate

This is our comprehensive guide highlighting the top 5 ways in which Band Pencil can enhance your band management efficiency and save you valuable time. By utilizing a management software tailored for artists, band leaders, and musicians, you are empowered to spend more time in the spotlight, and less time on admin.

So you've got the gigs and and you feel like you're an administrator not a musician. These are the top 5 tasks which you can save time by using a band management software like Band Pencil.

1. Your event information is stored in one place

Some of your bookings can be complex. Lots of different information which needs to be saved somewhere. Band Pencil's event management page offers a process to allow you to store and organize every aspect of your events in over 25 fields. From event dates and locations to stage setup requirements, the event manager page becomes your digital center, ensuring that no critical gig detail gets lost. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly access and update event information from any device connected to the internet.

2. You can collect musician availability and communicate through one platform

Communicating with your members can be hard. Which is why we offer a free 'self-service' Member Portal which allows your musicians to interact with the gig without you ever getting involved. By sharing event details, rehearsal schedules, and performance expectations online, you eliminate the need for endless email threads and last-minute phone calls from unorganised musicians.

With the Member Portal, band members have access to real-time updates, reducing confusion and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Whether you're a band leader confirming a gig, or musician assigned to an event checking the itinerary, the Member Portal provides a seamless experience for all.

3. Your client's can view and check their event information online

Impress your clients with seamless transparency through Band Pencil's Client Portal. Provide real-time access to event details, contracts, and updates, cultivating trust and confidence in your professionalism.

The Client Portal, is the way you easily share event information with your clients. Assign your client to an event and they will have instant access to the event information and will be able to view event information, sign contracts, view invoices and complete forms.

4. It provides one place to invoice, sign contracts, and accept payments

Remove the need for manual paperwork with Band Pencil's Online Invoices, Contracts, and Payments features. Create professional invoices, send electronic contracts for clients' online signatures, and facilitate secure payments, all from a one-stop-shop Client Portal.

5. You can create, store, and re-use setlists

Crafting the perfect setlist is a creative challenge that Band Pencil's Setlist Builder aims to simplify. By uploading your song library and using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can build setlists tailored to each performance.Not only this, but Band Pencil will automatically calculate the setlist duration and you can add notes, labels and other useful information to each song in the setlist.

To summarise:

Does using a band management software save me time?

Yes, it may take a few gigs to get you setup and you might have to spend sometime onboarding your musicians, but once you're up and running you will be able to start seeing the time savings for each gig.

Does using a band management software save me money?

Usually yes, but it depends on how many gigs you're managing. If you're managing a large amount of gigs (more than 1 per week) then a band management software will probably save you 2+ hours per gig. You save most of this time by allowing your musicians and clients to self-serve and view event information themselves online. Remember, time is money and the more time you spend managing the gig, the less money you're making. 

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