How to Choose Your Band Management Software

Choosing your band management software

Managing a band involves a substantial amount of responsibility and dedication. Staying organised can be particularly challenging, especially for busy musicians like yourself. From logistical planning to musician coordination and meeting client demands, maintaining a high level of organisation is essential. However, the demanding nature of a musician's life can make it difficult to allocate time for planning upcoming events and ensuring everyone is well-coordinated.

So, how can you streamline your band management process and which software to choose? There are many factors to consider such as whether you need a band management software and what features you needs. In this article, we hope to help you answer these questions so you can pick the best software your band.

4 reasons why your business needs an online band management software

Among the many advantages of band management app, we have chosen the ones that will bring you the most benefits. Check it out. 

1. You'll save time

With all these responsibilities on your back, you might forget about getting rest. Planning and organizing your events in one place will enable you to choose the right time for a break. Then, you’ll have a better view of your diary and tasks, and it can be easier to focus on what you enjoy best, playing music!

Moreover, the band management software allows you to organize your musicians, store all your gig information, such as venue and timings and allow you to focus on other important elements of your business, such as marketing.

2. You can create detailed reports

If cloud-based software is your choice, you gain the ability to create and view advanced reports. Reports allow you to control finances, gigs and view who is working on your events. Also, you can easily determine how many gigs per month you usually have and how many musicians and clients you're interacting with.

3. It makes organising musicians effortless

Band management software should allow you to share event information with your musicians and allow everyone working the gig to have access to their information they need. They should also enable you to collect invoices and availability.

Moreover, you're able to make your business a 'self-service' modal when it comes to booking and managing musicians releasing the reliance on you when it comes to sharing and updating information.

4. Ability to say “goodbye” to lost gig information

Have you ever had a situation where a client gave you an important update and you forgot about it, or can't remember where to find it? With the software, you can stop this. Band Pencil provide a space for you to store all of your gig information and keep track of it.

What’s more, you can add individual notes to events so if a client calls you up, you can type as they speak to make sure you don't miss anything. Remembering information will be more pleasant and faster and you'll thank yourself later.

Tips on how to choose your online band management software

Picking the right band management tool for your business might seem like a complex task. But not with our guidance, which makes your choice a lot easier. So let’s see.

Compare prices

No one likes to overpay for things that don’t meet their expectations. So consider the prices and check if the software offers more than one plan. Maybe you don’t need to choose the most expensive but the basic plan. Make use of a free trial which will help dispel doubts after testing the software.

Check features adequacy

Some of the band manager users may choose software based on its popularity. Of course, it’s a solution, but it’s much more advisable to compare the features offered by the software to your needs. 

For example, if your musicians complain about not being tech savvy enough for an online software, choose software with an easy to use Member Portal. Don’t forget about checking integrations, such as a link to an external calendar, this will help release the reliance of logging in.

Read the reviews

And last but not least, pay attention to the reviews on multiple websites. Why? Because who will know better than the other user. Carefully examine the positive and negative ones, searching for aspects that might be essential for you. 

For example, maybe the software has multiple critical functions, but the interface makes it harder to use. Also look for reviews from businesses that are similar to yours. For example, if a covers band doing roughly the same amount of gigs as your is using and enjoying the software,  it will probably work well for you.

Band Pencil: how we make managing your band and events hassle free

Band Pencil is a user-friendly and cloud-based band and event management software built for every business size and type. The software provides a wide range of features such as invoice and contract creation and musicians and client portal access. Best of all? It’s so simple to use. 

Also, we're based online, so it doesn't matter if you forgot your diary when travelling, simply access it online to continue where you left off.

Moreover, the band management software offers automatic notifications, to remind musicians of upcoming events.

We offer multiple user access so you and your team can be up and running in no time. We also allow for unlimited events and the ability to store as many musicians as you need.

And last but not least, Band Pencil offers three plans and a 14-day free trial version to help you clear doubts before your final purchase.

Most advanced features of Band Pencil

Let’s look at the most critical functions of Band Pencil that enable you to develop your business and improve your band and event management experience.

 #1 Band Builder

Band Pencil's band builder makes it easy see which musician is on what gig. Build your band line-up template, add the template to your event, then assign your musicians to your event. We'll tell you which instruments you're missing and who's booked.

We particularly love the new 'Band Builder' feature that allows us to specify band line-ups, we were thrilled to have been involved in the development of this game changing feature.

The London Function Band

#2 Member Portal

The Member Portal, is the way you easily share event information with your members. Simply add an event, assign your members and share the event. Your members will have instant access to the event information and will be able to state their availability, view setlists and submit invoices.

From the portal members can submit their availability for events, invoices and sign contracts. Musicians can access their gig information anywhere anytime. It's simple and secure for the your musicians and information updated in real-time.

#3 Lead Capture Form

Band Pencil's Lead Capture Form (or Enquiry Form), is the way you easily collect new leads and increase your bookings. Embed the form, or provide a link for your clients to complete. Once submitted the event is automatically inserted into Band Pencil and you will receive a notification email.

#4 Trouble-free payments

Band Pencil online payments, is the easiest way to collect payment for your bookings. Add an invoice, enable Band Pencil Pay and send the invoice to your client. Once paid the client will receive a notification email. Clients can pay anywhere anytime, it's simple and secure for the client and payment is collect in seconds.

#5 Cloud-based system

Band Pencil is a cloud-based system which will help you ensure the privacy and security of your clients and musicians data. Also, this solution minimizes costs and allows access to new features without any upgrades or downtime. File management will be much simpler and more accessible.


Time management and good event organisation are two points that help your music business grow. Band management apps allow you to regain control, properly store all of your gig information, and, what’s more, make the lives of your clients and musicians easier. Thanks to band management softwares, you can avoid double booking and unnecessary misunderstandings. 

It doesn’t matter if you are running a artist management agency, small jazz trio, or you're a freelance musician. Band management apps apps will make your life easier. 

Don't wait, check out Band Pencil and its essential features here. Then, start your journey here with a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) here (sign up) and improve the quality of your event and band management and your entire music business.

Management Software Built for the Music & Entertainment Industry

14-day free trial, no credit card required.

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