Musician Invoice Template (Free Download)

Example of a musician invoice template

Download A Free Musician Invoice Template

Below you can download a free invoice template designed for musicians, but before you do so, we recommend you read some of the sections below to understand more about invoicing. You can either download the the template is designed for Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages. Once you're finished with creating your invoice we recommend you export it to PDF and either email or post to your client.

Download Free Musician Invoice Template (Word .docx)

Download Free Musician Invoice Template (Pages .pages)

Invoice Timeline

There's a three step process to invoicing a client. First, you first might need to supply the client with a quote. A quote may be just be a figure, or you can give a invoice, but change the title "invoice" to "quote". Once you've quoted the client and they confirm that they would like to book you, you'll need to create an invoice - this is where you can use the free musician invoice template we've included above. Once the client has paid you can provide them with a receipt, or proof of payment. Simply change the title from "invoice" to "receipt" and include the payment method and payment date on the document.

So to recap:

  1. Send the client a quote - this should be a rough estimate of how much the gig should cost with all the information you have.
  2. Invoice - once you have all the information send the client an invoice of the work.
  3. Receipt - once the client has paid you can issue a receipt.

Who Do You Need To Invoice

Your invoice may need to be different depending on who you're invoicing. For a musician there's three people you'll probably be invoicing, businesses, clients and other musicians.

Invoicing Businesses

If you're invoicing businesses you may need to include more information on your invoice such as a PO number. A PO number, or Purchase order is a number generated by the business in order to confirm a purchase. The number identified the purchase and can only be generated by the business. When you submit your invoice the PO number will match the order on the businesses and they can confirm your invoice.

We recommend adding a note saying something like "please pay your invoice within 15 days" as it should increase the chance of getting paid by 5% according to Forbes.

Invoicing Clients 

Invoicing clients is very simular to invoicing businesses, but you probably won't need to request or include a PO number. Make sure you make your invoice as clear as it can be so clients understand exactly what needs paying when. For example in the item description make it super clear what you're invoicing for.

We recommend adding a note saying something like "thank you for your payment" as being polite will impress the client you’re invoicing and will improve your relationship.

Invoicing Other Musicians

During your career as a musician you'll end up doing work for other musicians and you'll need to invoice for your work. This invoice will be for records, so it doesn't need to be anything fancy or complicated. The invoice doesn't need to include as much information as invoicing a client or business.

How To Create Your Own Invoice

We've written a detailed article on this (how to write an invoice), but here's a summary.

To create your own invoice template you need to include the following information:

  • Client information (name, company name, address, you also may want to include the client's email address and phone number)
  • Issue date (this is the date you created the invoice)
  • Due date (this is the date the invoice is due. You can either issue an invoice due date, or line item due dates)
  • Your information (company number, tax number, company name, address)
  • Invoice line items (this is what you're charging)
  • Sub total (total of the item)
  • Tax total (total tax)
  • Grand total (total of sub total + tax total)
  • Payment terms
  • Payment methods
  • Notes

What order you put the information doesn't really matter, but usually the invoice is split into three sections.

1. Invoice Header

This is where you put your company information, client information and any other company/ client information.

2. Invoice Middle

The middle part of the invoice is reserved for the invoice line items, sub total, tax total and grand total.

3. Invoice Footer

The invoice footer contains the payment information, payment terms and notes.

Invoice Dos And Don'ts 

Here's a few dos and don'ts when it comes to creating invoices.


  • Send your invoice as soon as possible
  • Send your invoice as a PDF
  • Send a reminder if your invoice has not been paid by the pay date
  • Send an invoice by post if requested
  • Keep a copy of your invoice


  • Send a word file
  • Constiently remind the client before the due date
  • Forget to add your business and tax numbers
  • Send your invoice late

Creating Invoices Online with Band Pencil

There's loads of services out there on the internet to help musicians design invoices online and you can even use some accouting software which can do this too. If you're interested in accounting software check out our top 3 accounting software for bands and musicians.

Band Pencil is speficially designed for the musician and can build invoices automatically for you. Band Pencil automatically combines all your information into easy to view invoice. Not only that, but our invoices are dynamic, so when you mark a payment as paid Band Pencil will automatically update the invoice reflect this. You can set transaction due dates, automatic tax calculation add a logo, notes and PO number and add your company and tax number to the invoice. You can add invoices to the client portal and export to PDF at any point.

You can view more on our Creating Invoice article, but here's a cut down version on how you can create, edit and download invoices on Band Pencil.

1. Adding an invoice

When you add an event into Band Pencil we automatically create an invoice for you. To edit and view this invoice navigate to the event you would like to see an invoice for and click on the Finance Tab. In step 4 we explain how to export the invoice to a PDF

2. Adding charges to an invoice

To add a charge (row) to an invoice, click the New Item + button at the top of the invoice and enter all the information. If you need to delete an invoice charge click the bin icon and to edit a charge click the pencil icon located to the left of the charge name.

You can reorder the charges by dragging the blue icon to the desired position. This will update the charge's location on the invoice.

3. Editing an invoice

Still on the Finance Tab click the cog icon next to New Item + button. Within this modal you have the option to set the invoice as paid, or outstanding. You also have the option to add a logo, notes and PO number to the invoice.

4. Downloading and emailing an invoice

To download an invoice as a PDF, or email a link to view the invoice online, click the cog icon and the click the Download Invoice button or click Email Invoice. When you set the invoice to paid you will be able to download a receipt too.

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