Adding musicians to events in Band Pencil

05 Apr 2020 // 2 minute read

Step 1 - Add a new musician

1. Navigate to the Musician Page and click Add Musician in the top right corner.

2. Enter the musician's information (name and email are required fields).
3. Once you're done click Add.

It is important you use the correct email address when adding a new musician as this is the address they will use to login via the portal. If you use an incorrect email you may have to delete the musician and start again!

Step 2 - Viewing the musician

Once you have add a musician they should appear in the table. Click a musician's name to view their profile. From this page you can edit their information, send them an email and view the events they have been assigned to.

Assigned events

Step 3 - Assigning a musician to an event

1. Navigate to an event you would like to assign a musician to and click the Musician Tab.
2. Click Assign Musician and select the musician(s) you would like to assign to this event.
3. Once you're finished selecting your musicians, click Add to Event.

Step 4 - Viewing assigned musicians

The musician(s) you assigned should now show up in the table. You can see their name, instrument, availability and fee. From the buttons on the right you can view the musicians invoice, edit their the assignment, message and delete then from this event.

Step 5 - Editing a musician assignment

1. To edit a musician's assignment record click on the pencil icon on the same row as their name.
2. Update the information you need to change and click Update. If you want to update all assigned musicians as well, check the box which says Apply these changes to all musicians in this event.

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